Duke Of York, Lichfield

Paul and Wendy Weston of the Duke Of York, Lichfield, asked Pico Catering Projects Ltd to come up with a cost effective way of giving their kitchen as much needed make over.

The Duke Of York is the oldest pub in Lichfield at over 400 years old. This in itself provided a list of unique challenges that needed to be overcome – chiefly the lack of a single straight wall in the building and very limited services.

Pico provided a cost effective combination of Lincat and Ecomax appliances and the new extraction system was a self contained Fume Filtration system from Lincat, which requires no external ductwork.

Pico Projects provided a fantastic solution given the limited budget, we are very happy with the results and would recommend them to anyone.

Paul and Wendy Weston – Proprietors, Duke Of York

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