Nilfisk VP300 Eco – A Great Value Vacuum Cleaner

The Nilfisk VP300 Eco is a basic, well-built, thoroughly reliable unit that can be relied upon to do the job day in day out. It is ideal for cleaning offices, hotel rooms, retail outlets, and similar light to medium duty applications.

As with all Nilfisk machines, the design is outstanding with careful attention given to ergonomics and environmental friendliness. The filling capacity is the best in its class, which means less time spent changing dust bags. The VP300 Eco weighs just 5.2 kg making it easy to move from place to place. You can see the VP300 Eco in action below:

The VP300 Eco is available to all our customers, via our Amazon store for our retail customers or our own online store – for our trade customers. Please follow the links below.

Buy the Nilfisk VP300 Eco on

Buy the Nilfisk VP300 Eco on